Add Quant Search to your Drupal 7 static site

Quant Search provides an easy way to add faceted Algolia search to your static websites. This step-by-step guide shows you how to add Quant Search to a static version of your Drupal 7 site for the best of static and search.

QuantCDN's additional support for geolocation based rules

The latest release of the Quant Edge includes support for advanced traffic routing based on a user's location. This allows great flexibility; for example, serve static to certain countries while serving as a traditional CDN to others, block access to Drupal and WordPress logins, and much more.

Geoscience Australia chooses Quant for digital transformation

Geoscience Australia is a large and distributed organization with many programs, groups, and goals. Their web technologies and interfaces vary from site to site which creates for a fragmented user experience, more difficult maintenance, and siloed content. Their dated and disparate infrastructure also has suboptimal security and performance. They chose Quant as part of their digital transformation.

Self-serve Quant static edge cache purging

One small but mighty feature we recently added to the Dashboard is self-serve cache purging. It’s now easy to clear the cache for a particular page, for a subset of your site, or for everything!